Peter Christensen

Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics.; 217.300.3054; 431 Mumford Hall


"Evaluating the Social Cost of Flood Delays on Transport in São Paulo" (Work in Progress)
With Amanda Ang and Antonio Bento

"Decomposing the Wedge: Mechanisms driving the gap between projected and realized returns from energy efficiency investments" (Work in Progress)
With Erica Myers, Paul Francisco, and Mateus Souza

"The Welfare Effect of Racial Discrimination in the United States" (Work in Progress)
With Chris Timmins
Github Repository

"The Price of Powder: Evidence on the demand for snow from the AirBnB Market" (Work in Progress)
with Bryan Parthum
Project Page

"Why Should Developing Countries Reduce their Speed Limits? Evidence from Sao Paulo, Brazil" (Working Paper)
With Amanda Ang and Renato Vieira
Working PaperProject PageGithub Repository

"Sorting or Steering: Experimental Evidence on the Economic Effects of Housing Discrimination" (Working Paper)
with Chris Timmins
Working PaperNBER Working PaperProject PageGithub Repository

"Unlocking Amenities: Complementarities in public good consumption" (Working Paper)
with David Albouy and Ignacio Sarmiento
Working PaperNBER Working PaperProject PageGithub Repository

"Economic Effects of Environmental Crises: Evidence from Flint, Michigan" (Working Paper)
with Dave Keiser and Gabe Lade
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"Suburbs or Skyscrapers: The effect of China’s land leasing market on housing decentralization" (Working Paper)
Working Paper

"Uncertainty in Forecasts of Long-Run Economic Growth."
Christensen, P., Gillingham, K., and Nordhaus. W. 2018.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115(21):5409–5414

"Modeling Uncertainty in Integrated Assessment of Climate Change: A Multimodel Comparison".
Gillingham, K., Nordhaus, W. D., Anthoff, D., Blanford, G., Bosetti, V., Christensen, P., McJeon, H., and Reilly, J. (2018).
Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 5(4)

"Geographic Determinants of China’s Urbanization"
Christensen, P. and McCord, G. C. (2016).
Regional Science and Urban Economics, 59:90-102

"A Ricardian Analysis of Mexican Farms"
Mendelsohn, R., Arellano-Gonzalez, J., and Christensen P. (2010).
Environment and Development Economics 15(2):153-171